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"For a clear view of the code."
Definition of the word Discriminator
  • Multi-font syntax highlighting.
  • Faster color processing algorithm for large files (100,000 lines or more).
  • Independant line number gutter.
  • Zoom font size
  • Much faster processing of gcode for graphics output.
  • Multiple graphics viewports.
  • Bidirectional selection (picking)!
  • Select graphics to locate gcode.
  • Select gcode to highlight graphics.
  • Graphics tool filter.
  • Dynamic graphics view manipulation.
  • Graphical element motion direction indicator
  • Multi-level undo/redo.
  • Configurable main and user toolbar
  • Add/remove spaces
  • Multi-step gcode mathematical operations.
  • Advanced sequence number resequencing.
  • Advanced printing!
    Multi-column, preview, header/footer, watermark.
  • New CodeBar provides access to snippets, bookmarks and the new CodeNavigator.
  • CodeNavigator provides a customizable code navigation tree.
  • Machine run time estimations.
  • File reloading while maintaining cursor and scroll position.
  • QuickFolders for quick access to favorite folders.
  • History folders for opening recently opened files.
  • User-definable shortcut keys.
  • Basic serial communication program. (Available upon request)
  • PlugIn framework for writing custom features.
  • Debug and create output from Fanuc style macro-b NEW!
 After the 30 day trial the following restrictions appply.
  • No graphic file compare.
  • Macro-b debugger will emit (UNREGISTERED) and display a message box.
  • Creation of new color schemes will not be allowed.
  • Creation of new Code Navigator configurations will not be allowed.
  • Uploading community content is not allowed.
  • TRIAL EXPIRED will be forced into the header when printing and a watermark will be added.
  • A NO LICENSE watermark will be displayed in the view window during selection.
  • VBScript macros will not run.
  • Plugins will not run.