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"For a clear view of the code."
Definition of the word Discriminator
Q: What is Discriminator?
A: Discriminator is a CNC program editor and viewer.
    The emphasis is on readability and verification.
Q: What are the requirements for Discriminator?
A: Discriminator will run on WinXP Vista Windows 7 and Windows 10.
    It also requires the Dot Net framework 4.0.
Q: Do I need to uninstall the software to install an update?
A: Yes, And existing settings will be migrated.
Q: How do I report a problem?
A: Use the Help>Alerts and Errors menu to report any run-time errors.
    Use the Help>Support menu to email all other issues.
Q: How is Discriminator licensed?
    The license is per computer.
    The web service allows you to easily transfer the license to a different or new computer.
    If you do not have internet access from the computer then a manual license option is available
Q: Is the installation going to pollute my system registry?
A: No. The software stores its settings in xml files located in your profile directory.
Q: Does the trial version expire?
A: Yes. But it does not stop working completely.
    After 30 days some of the advanced features will be disabled and a watermark will appear in the viewer.
    Trial extensions may be requested from the Help>License... menu.
Q: Where are all my settings and color schemes?
A: From within the Help>Alerts and Errors dialog you will find a location called DatPath.
    This location will contain all your settings and color schemes.