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Privacy Statement

  1. Introduction
    • If you have any questions about this information, or if you wish to exercise any of your rights contact me at
  2. Personal Data
    1. Personal data such as name, e-mail address and other information which you voluntarily provide is only collected when you purchase the software. Passwords are never collected or stored.
    2. Standard web traffic is recorded by the web host provider(GoDaddy) but this information is never used for marketing or any other use.
    3. Browser header information like IP address and user name may be stored on the web server but this information is never shared with any third party.
    4. The software licensing system may store the computer name and MAC address but this information is not shared with third parties.
  3. Websites and Social Media
    1. There may be a link to social media sites from this site but no information is collected regarding the usage of those links.
    2. No information from any social media service is recorded by this site.
  4. eCommerce
    1. PayPal is used for purchasing the software and you should refer to PayPal for their privacy policy.
    2. Transaction information is returned from PayPal after the transaction is completed to allow order processing.
    3. This information is transferred via HTTPS secure channel.
  5. Cookies and tracking
    1. Cookies are not used by this site for tracking at all.
    2. Google statistics were used at one time but not anymore.
    3. GoDaddy may log statistics as part of their hosting service but this site does not use that information.