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U.S. Law Restrictions.
You may not download this software and may not accept the terms of the EULA if you are a person barred from trade under the laws of the United States

This is the current version of Discriminator.
Click  to download a standard installation package.
Un-zip the contents to a temporary location then double-click Setup.exe to start the installer.
It's use is governed by the MIT License.

If errors are encountered while using the program, please use the Help>Alerts and Errors menu from within the application.
A submit buttom will be available to send the current list of errors to development.
Please include any gcode files that may be needed to help reproduce the problem and a brief description.
Thank You for your interest in Discriminator!

You can also download the free Viewer from here.

Macro-b True false now returns 1 and instead of -1 and 0
Added caret/cursor color in color scheme
Fixed an unhandled exception when opening view options
Removed licensing restrictions.
Removed cloud library feature.
Fixed WHILE iterations limit in macrob parser.
Fixed a problem with G53 getting reset.
Fixed measure in graphics compare window.
Fixed touch mode in context mode in measure window.
Fixed a problem with incremental and work offsets.
Fixed search from selection start instead of top of file.
Fixed A word not recognized for lathe
Added null variable highlighting to parse tree.
Fixed a problem with macro parser sub matching.
Added bad token node in parsr tree.
Fixed a problem with G68 not working properly
Upgraded to DOTNET 4.8
Fixed a problem where graphics lingered from last file
Signed installer and exe.
Fixed a problem with local sub calls FANUC 13i
Fixed a problem with rotary moves
Fixed a problem with rotary moves
Fixed a problem with local sub calls
Fixed a problem with DXF
Fixed a problem with block skip
Fixed a problem with DXF origin
Fixed DXF arc center for rotated code issue
Fixed graphic compare
Added #3011 Date time support
Fixed fat line graphics issue
Fixes excessive scrolling to errors
Fixed renumber not working
Fixed the parser where a ; EOB was found
Added save as rtf back in
Fixed the parser where a comma was found
Fixed the parser for local sub calls
Fixed arc center problem when absolute IJK
Fixed UVW not working if onlu UVW in block
Fixed search replace problem
Better support for 150% system text
Viewer viewport focus was wrong.
Changed comment handling in parser.
Viewer viewport focus was wrong.
Changed comment handling in parser.
Fixed rapid moves without dogleg did not report mouse location
Fixed opening files from file association double-click
Measurement improved
Fixed backplotter resolution Added viewer touch mode
 Fixed bug with emitter Added SaveAs button
Fixed bug with rotary offset Fixed bug with G10 L2 PXXX
Fixed rotary bug in viewer
Fixed blank preview in viewer setup
Fixed RMB menu
Fixed lathe plotting
Fixed tooltip crash I hope
Fixed a DXF error better
Fixed a DXF error Fixed a transform problem with IJK
Now using AvalonEdit highlighter.
64 bit.
New icons
VB scripting now provided by ClearScript 4/14/2020
Fixed problem with corner break support
Fixed problem with print graphics 3/14/2020
Fixed problem with color combo in settings 2/16/2020
Invalid cast error
Parser dll resolving fix
G51 was not modal 2/14/2020 11/10/2019
Added G51 support.
Now including WinMerge instead of WinDiff for compare.
Fixed GOTO in parser.
Added file call support in parser.
Added file nodes parser.
Fixed View Shift setting were not being saved.
Fixed a G28 problem.
Improved viewer rotation.
Improved viewer mouse location readout.
Added measurement to the viewer.
Added view history to the viewer Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Y.
Added CodeTips as tool tips in editor. 7/04/2018
Fixed a problem with G28 in viewer saettings. 5/20/2018
Fixed the player in the viewer.
Added button to show/hide text display. 5/05/2018
Added setting to prevent UI scaling. 5/03/2018
Fixed a problem with the viewer.
S key now wraps around in the viewer.
Added setting to invert axees. 2/19/2018
FIXED:Escaped bad characters in renumber form.
Added setting for opening the same file more than once. 6/07/2017
Escaped bad characters in renumber form.
Fixed a problem with Watch vars.
Added variable display to macro debugger.
Added font setting to macro debugger property grids.
Added folder history 4/21/2017
Fixed a CRITICAL color scheme corruption problem that may add characters the file being edited.
The problem would occur when creating a new color scheme.
All users should be running this update or newer. 3/20/2017
Fixed a problem with local sub calls.
MacGen Programming is now MacGen Programming LLC. 3/12/2017
Fixed a problem with DXF export.
Fixed a problem with the macro parser and sub calls.
Updated EULA.
Removed code signing. 1/28/2017
Fixed a problem with drill rapids.
Added sharing to machines. 12/27/2016
Adjusted some UI elements.
Fixed a problem with the arc center indicator.Added check for zero rad arcs. 12/14/2016
Added support for HAAS type local sub calls in the parser and viewer.
Fixed a problem with copy-paste in snippets pane. 10/15/2016
Simplified licensing 9/3/2016
Fixed a problem where rotary motion was not working in viewer.

Fixed a problem with rotary motion
Added world shift back in after removing it

Samples now will show in favorites history
Improved exception reporting
Fixed a problem with color scheme settings
Bookmarks will now be sorted by line number not order of creation
Favorites are now sorted by name

Fixed display units in the viewer again
Added feedrate display in the viewer Atl+F
Added end point display in the viewer Alt+P

Added a test button to the viewer setup.
Improved error handling for macro files.
Fixed display units in the viewer.

Added a setting in the parser to retain global registers with the session.
Fixed a problem with error handling in the parser.
Added a check for G10 without G11 in the parser.

Bookmarks are now saved in the BookMarks folder and are restored if the file is re-opened.
Added support for the MOD operator in the macro b parser.
Added support for work offsets
Added double-click in gutter for bookmarks
Cleaned up the UI font
Added font size options.
Incorporated macro parser into parser.
Added arc center indication into viewer.
Added support for corner rounding
Added drag drop to snippets.
Improved drop indicator.
Fixed a problem with Paste and large clipboard data
Fixed a problem with community
Added support for local sub calls in the macro debugger
Fixed a problem with the macro debugger FIX FUP.
Added missing DXF template.
Fixed a problem with the macro debugger FIX FUP.
Added DXF output to viewer.
Fixed a problem with the macro debugger.
Added header and footer font settings for printing.
Fixed some problems with the macro debugger.