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"For a clear view of the code."
Discriminator is free.
It's a gcode file editor with many of the features you would expect from a CNC editor but Discriminator has additional features that set it apart from the rest.

Discriminator  V2.0
  • Backplotting.
  • Multi-level undo/redo.
  • Multi viewport viewer.
  • Bi-directional graphical selection. Gcode-to-graphics and graphics-to-gcode.
  • Customizable toolbars.
  • Code Explorer provides a customizable outline of the gcode file.
  • Graphical and textual compare.
  • Exceptional printing features.
  • Plug-In support. Write your own custom commands using Microsofts free version of VB.NET!
  • Macro debugger for Fanuc style Macro-B code! NEW!