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Definition of the word Discriminator


U.S. Law Restrictions.
You may not download this software and may not accept the terms of the EULA if you are a person barred from trade under the laws of the United States

This is the current version of Discriminator.
Click  to download a standard installation package.
Un-zip the contents to a temporary location then double-click Setup.exe to start the installer.

If errors are encountered while using the program, please use the Help>Alerts and Errors menu from within the application.
A submit buttom will be available to send the current list of errors to development.
Please include any gcode files that may be needed to help reproduce the problem and a brief description.
Thank You for your interest in Discriminator!

You can also download the free Viewer from here.


Fixed display units in the viewer again
Added feedrate display in the viewer Atl+F
Added end point display in the viewer Alt+P

Added a test button to the viewer setup.
Improved error handling for macro files.
Fixed display units in the viewer.

Added a setting in the parser to retain global registers with the session.
Fixed a problem with error handling in the parser.
Added a check for G10 without G11 in the parser.

Bookmarks are now saved in the BookMarks folder and are restored if the file is re-opened.
Added support for the MOD operator in the macro b parser.
Added support for work offsets
Added double-click in gutter for bookmarks
Cleaned up the UI font
Added font size options.
Incorporated macro parser into parser.
Added arc center indication into viewer.
Added support for corner rounding
Added drag drop to snippets.
Improved drop indicator.
Fixed a problem with Paste and large clipboard data
Fixed a problem with community
Added support for local sub calls in the macro debugger
Fixed a problem with the macro debugger FIX FUP.
Added missing DXF template.
Fixed a problem with the macro debugger FIX FUP.
Added DXF output to viewer.
Fixed a problem with the macro debugger.
Added header and footer font settings for printing.
Fixed some problems with the macro debugger.